The 21st Century is the era of service, and Pathways is dedicated to emphasizing true service to the needy that are unemployed, our community and our great Country.

Pathways provides vocational training and professional rehabilitation services. Empowering our low-income and disadvantaged citizens that are currently unemployed.
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Key Services for clients

  • Skilled Job Training Program
  • Confidence Building
  • Community Volunteer Strengthening
  • Self Sufficiency

Value Added Services for clients
Our nonprofit is the only skills training entity that offer these services as an entire program to unemployed individuals. Brief description of the services we offer:
Workforce Preparation
Onsite child care enrichment
Onsite life event counseling
Professional salon
Job Placement Referrals
Career Services
Personal & Professional Etiquette
Work Ethics
Time & Money Management
Long Term Self Sufficiency
Unemployed job training, job placement and self sufficiency programs.

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"Pathways was selected as Top-Rated Womens Empowerment Nonprofit for 2010".

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